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(It’s not a very busy day when one of our regulars comes in.  They pick out a toy and then start asking about party decorations.)
Customer: Do you sell party decorations?
Me: We have this birthday banner.
I pull it down and show it to her.
Customer: No, anything else?
Me: No I’m sorry that’s all we have but [Store’s Name] across the parking lot has party decorations.
Customer: Oh. I really only wanted to make one stop today.  Are you sure you don’t have anything else?
Me:  No ma’am I’m sorry we don’t.
Customer: Are you sure? I really don’t want to go to another store.
This goes on for a bit and finally she just stands by the counter making pouting faces at me while her child plays nearby as if I’ll decide to go get them for her.  I ring up a few customers and then she finally comes up to pay.
Customer: Fine (looking somewhat hurt that I can’t make what she wants appear) I guess I’ll just take this.
Me: (big smile) Thank you have a nice day.

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