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(Note: at this restaurant we call out the customer’s name so we know who to bring the order to. It is my first day of work.)

Me: *calling for customer* [Name]?
Customer 1: Oh, that’s me, I think!
Me: Here you are, sir.
Customer 1: *laughs* I thought you said [Name]. Silly me, mishearing you like that.
Me: *to self* …uh…okay then.
*a minute later*
Customer 1: *to my coworker* I think I got the wrong food.
Coworker: Oh, I’m so sorry about that. What’s your name?
Customer 1: [Different Name].
Coworker: Oh…but you said you were [Name] when we called out your order.
Customer 1: I didn’t actually hear her when she said the name…I thought she said [Different Name].
Customer 2: *walks up* Yeah, I’m [Name]. Why’s my sandwich taking so long?
Me: *sigh*