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| Unfiltered | April 12, 2018

(We have some guests from Spain in house. One of them approaches.)

Guest: *thick accent* “Can I have eraser?”

Me: *pronoucing clearly* ‘Eraser?”

Guest: *nods*

Me: “Huh, I think I saw one over here…hold on.”

(I take ten minutes to find one.)

Me: “Here!” *disheleved but proud of self for finding it*

Guest: “No no! Eraser! Eraser!”

Me: “It is! Eraser!”

Guest: “No no! Eraser. A razor.”

Me: “Oh, razor!” *I hand him one in five seconds flat*

(He rolls his eyes and takes it. On the elevator, I see him twirl his finger near his ear and point to me! I mentally wish that all foreigners have an interpreter when traveling.)

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