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I work at a small bookstore at an airport and we generally only carry a small selection of popular genres.
Customer: Do you have street books?
Me: Street book?
Customer: Like street, gang books.
Me: I’m not sure if we carry books like that but I can try to find one for you. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
Customer: I don’t know just some street, gang books.
Me: Would you like it to be real or made up? Any authors or books specifically that you want? Our computer system only allows us to search those.
Customer: No I’m just looking for street books.
I can’t think of any book that’s a street book or a gang book so I ask my supervisor if she did and she told the customer that we could help maybe her if she was more specific about what exactly she wanted.
She scoffs and puts back the coloring book she had in hands.
Customer: And how long have you worked here?
She sneered and walked off angrily.

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