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I stop in to a corporate chain clothing store to poke around.  It is winter, so I’m wearing a hoodie, scarf, and winter coat.  Nothing that I’m wearing resembles the clothing for store associates, not even the basic colors.  I also have a blue mohawk.

I’m just starting down one of the clothing aisles when an older man steps out right in front of me.
Man: Where are your dress shirts?!
Me: … (I look down at what I’m wearing and back up at him, hoping he’ll get the hint.)
Man: Well?!
Me: I don’t work here.
Man: What?!
Me: (a little louder) I don’t work here.
Man: What?!
Me: (even louder) I don’t work here.
Man: What?!

We are at an impasse.  I start to just turn away when the man’s wife comes up, grabs his arm, and starts pulling him towards the door.
Wife: (to him) What is wrong with you, she clearly doesn’t work here, let’s go.  (to me) Sorry!

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