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| Unfiltered | April 9, 2018

(It’s my first night working alone, and I’m a bit nervous. But it seems to be going okay so far, until a customer comes by looking for a room. She seems off, but polite. Turns out she’s a well known scammer wanted by the police, though I didn’t know at first.)

Customer: “I need a room.”

Me: “Ok, our prices are [price].”

Customer: *hands over credit card*

Me: *after swiping* “Do you have another? It was declined.”

Customer: “I’ll just call my credit card company, hold on a minute.” * pretends to dial* “They say to press these numbers in.” *rattles off some numbers*

Me: “Uh, I don’t think–”

Customer: “Just try it!”

(I do and the machine now says pending. Figuring it was just taking a long time, I give the keys and reg card to sign.)

Me: “Have a good night.”

Customer: “Thanks!”

(Turns out, she’s been pulling this–using declined cards–on multiple inns in the city! The police were called and she was caught and arrested soon after.)