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(I’m waiting to pick up a few parcel notifications while the guy in front of me is trying to ship a thick envelope with what he’s telling the clerks is important files)

Customer:  So with 2 day delivery it’ll get there tomorrow, right?

Clerk: Items ship out of here at the beginning of every morning, so tomorrow will be one day, and then it should arrive there monday.

Customer: Shouldn’t it be saturday?

Clerk: No sorry, the postal service doesn’t run weekends.

Customer: (Kind of annoyed looking now) Well okay, but shouldn’t today be 1 day and tomorrow be the 2nd day?

Clerk: No, as I explained parcels go out in the morning, it’s the afternoon, today won’t count.

Customer: That doesn’t seem like an honest claim then, it should be 3 day delivery, not 2. This is really important and I need it to be there tomorrow.

Clerk: You could try a courier service? The best we can do is for monday.

Customer: So they can have it there tomorrow?

Clerk: I’m not sure, as we’re not affiliated with them, you’d have to call and ask.

Customer: Well can you find out for me? And ask how much it would be?

Clerk: No sorry, that’s not my job and I have a line up behind you forming, you’ll have to do it yourself.

(Customer kind of stands there annoyed, but refuses to move out of line, which I assume means he wants some other option)

Me: You know, Purolator on 17th street east has parcels leave twice a day, once in morning and once around 4pm(It’s almost 3:30) And they can do next day delivery, though it’s fairly expensive, you should be able to catch the next shipment going out.

Customer: I don’t care how expensive it is(Then why was he asking the clerk?) I just need it there tomorrow, I’ll go speak to them since I can’t get any help here.

(He leaves, I move up next)

Clerk: Thanks for clearing that up for everyone.

Me: Yeah, well, I have no f***ing clue if any of what I told him is true, but I was getting impatient and he was being a d**k. I can only hope I’m wrong and they can’t get it there for tomorrow.