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(One of our college classes lets out briefly for a break. While at the break, I go to the vending machines. Unfortunately, I only have a five, which the machines don’t take. There are a couple guys at the vending machine, so I decide to ask them if they have change. They don’t, so I hang around for a bit longer to see if anyone else shows up who might be able to break it. One of the guys then tries to get a drink from the vending machine. It’s the type of machine that has a window in the front, so we all see the bottle land vertically on the bottom of the machine, preventing the door from being opened. Both students try for a while to push it open but have no luck.)

Student #1: “Yeah, I guess it’s just stuck.”

Student #2: “That sucks. Sorry man.”

Me: “Mind if I try?”

Student #1: “I guess if you want.”

(Since I have smaller hands/arms than either of the guys, I’m able to wedge my hand and arm under the door and knock the bottle onto its side so the door can be opened again. I hand the bottle over to [Student #1].)

Student #1: “…why don’t I just buy you a drink?”