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(I work as a hostess at a well known restaurant, where you can call to place a to-go meal over the phone, of which I am in charge of. One night, a waitress and I are talking when the phone rings.)
Me: Hi, thank your for calling (restaurant and address), this is (my name). How can I help you tonight?
Caller: (no answer)
Me: Hello?
Caller: Yeah, do you live at (different address)?
Me: No sir……
Caller: Because you really need to shovel your driveway. It is really icy.
Me:Sir, I’m sorry but….
Caller: (sounding angry) Someone  could f****** die because of you! I almost fell on my a**!
Me: Sir, I’m sorry, but this is (restaurant).
Caller: DON’T F****** INTERRUPT ME!!! (starts to rant)
(At this point, my co-worker has noticed my alarmed and perplexed look, and motions for me to hand her the phone. I do so.)
Co-worker: Hello? (Pause) Sir, this is (restaurant). (Another pause before she abruptly hangs up the phone.)
Me: Did he hang up on you?
Co-worker: No, I hung up on him. We shouldn’t have to deal with that s***.
Me: Oh…(cheerfully) Okay.
(Thankfully, he didn’t call back. The kicker? This was in mid-October and we hadn’t even had our first snowfall yet, so I don’t know what the caller was even talking about.)

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