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(Our building is next to a post office. Today is a Sunday and the post office is closed. A customer is checking out after using the spa with a massive box in her hands.)
Customer: “Hey, can you send a package for me?”
Me: “Sorry, but I can’t.”
Customer: “But the post office is right next door!”
Me: “Sorry, but we really can’t handle your mail for you.”
Customer: “Why not? It’s right next door!”
Me: “Ma’am, are you aware the post office is closed today?”
Customer: “Then just send it for me tomorrow!”
Me: “Sorry, there’s really nothing I can do. I can’t handle your mail for you.”
Customer: “I paid money to your business! You owe me a favor! I want a refund!”
(She continues to insist we should send her package for her before demanding to speak to the manager.)
Customer: “This f—–g receptionist refuses to send my package for me! Give me my money back!”
Manager: “Sorry, but we are under no obligation to do that for you. We’re a spa, not a post office, Ma’am.”
Customer: “I’m asking you for a favor! You’re obligated to make me feel relaxed! Now I’m stressed! I want a refund!”
Manager: “I’m sorry you feel that way, but you’ll just have to go to the post office on your own tomorrow. We really can’t handle your mail.”
Customer: *points to me and my manager at the front desk with her one free hand* “Think about how rude you were to me! I’m never coming back!”