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I work in the customer support for an online computer game. We had one couple that were paying large amounts of money regularly for in-game benefits. They constantly reported problems and wanted free stuff for being ‘such good customers’. One day the account of the husband was banned, because he had been caught using multiple accounts, which is not allowed.

Customer: Unlock my accounts right now!!!

Me: I’m sorry Sir, but multiple accounts are against our regulations.

Customer: Well, I never agreed to your rules, I never even read them!

Me: Sir, you accept them when you sign up by checking that you have read and understood them.

Customer: But I did not read them!!

This went back and forth several times, then he requested that all his accounts be deleted.

Customer: Delete both of our accounts and give us back all the money we paid!

Me: Sorry, but we cannot give you back any money, as you have already spent it on items in the game.

Customer: This is ridiculous. First you sent the police into our house and now this!

Me: Uh.. we did not send the police to you, sir.

Customer: Yes you did, because you wanted to steal our money. Just delete our accounts now!!

The accounts are deleted, and that’s it for a while. Until, about 6 months later…

Customer: We still have not gotten any of our money back…?

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