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| Right | April 7, 2018

I work at a hotel where we serve some hot foods besides our buffet. One busy day our ventilation system goes down and we have to close our kitchen.

Guest: Hello, I’d like some pancakes.

Me: I’m sorry, we hade to close our kitchen so I can’t serve you any hot food.

Guest: But my friend just got her pancakes a few minutes ago.

Me: I’m sorry. Her order must have been the last one.

Guest: But I always get pancakes here.

Me: I’m sorry but because our ventilation system is down its a safety  precaution to close the kitchen.

Guest: I’m gonna talk to your manager about your behavior.

( Just before I left for the day our Food & Beverage manager, our manager in charge that weekend, came up to me and said I did the right thing by refusing to make guest his food. Turns out that if we got to much hot air in the ventilation if could have started a fire.)

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