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Parking troubles.
My husband has worked for his employer for 20+ years and is currently in charge of ‘shipping & receiving’. I stop to visit, parking in the usual visitor area. A large freight truck has arrived and appears to be having difficulties maneuvering within the allotted space. The driver flies out of the cab, arms flying and begins to yell at me for parking where I did; calling me names and ordering me to move. Rather than possibly have the family car hit by such an inadequately trained truck driver, I move the car. As I approach my husband within the warehouse the truck driver is loudly complaining about some b**** in the parking lot who was in his way. I simply smile, kiss my husband in front of the truck driver and apologize for being late, telling my husband that apparently my usual parking spot is inconvenient for beginning truck drivers. That driver was never allowed on company property again.

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