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(It’s fairly late and I am checking in an older couple when an extremely drunk girl in her 20’s comes in. I start giving the rundown on breakfast and how to get to rooms when the girl interrupts.)

Girl: Go to your room!!

(all three of us pause at glance over at her and i continue on while she gives me a nasty look. she tells them to leave a couple more times but I power through and finish with the guests and she comes up to the desk.)

Me: *giving my most professional ‘bring it on’ smile* How can I help you?

Girl: *with a cartoonish slur to her speech* oh I see how it is here. help the rich people first, huh?

Me: That’s really not what I was doing. I was just already helping them when you got here. How can I help you?

Girl: no you just ignore girls screaming for help to help your rich people.

Me: I’m really sorry if I have. I promise I wouldn’t mean to do something like that. are you hurt? are you in trouble? do I need to call-

Girl: No a girl can just scream for help as she’s dragged off right in front of your hotel and you won’t even try to help!?

(I hadn’t been on for very long and there had just been a rush but other than that it had been very quiet outside)

Me: I promise I wouldn’t though. But that sounds extremely serious, did this already happen or are you worried that it might?

Girl: *keeps glaring at me*

Me: Is there anything I can do now for you? are you or a friend in trouble?

Girl: Oh no! you better just keep dealing with your rich people!

(She storms off but on her way out she throws down a large, tall vase and stand and then proceeded to rock our bell desk (probably weighing 3 times what she does) until it too tipped over a little bit into the wall spilling everything out. I was still recovering from a broken leg and the lobby was empty so I just let her have at it until I crutched up and took pictures and locked the door. The next night I looked up to see her and a friend standing at the window straight across the lobby from the desk both staring at me. They stayed there a good 5 minutes before they walked off, while the first girl kept watching me as she walked)