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(I have wild, unruly red curly hair. The uniform at Stop and Shop includes a baseball cap for employees working around food; such as in the deli. I wear the hat and work in the deli, which usually makes me look like Ronald McDonald. A customer appears.)

Me: Hello! What can I do for you?

(The customer looks up. Her eyes widen. Suddenly, she grabs an older woman nearby by the arm and points to me excitedly.)

Me: Er–ma’am? Are you alright?

Customer: (enthusiastically) Can you come around the counter, please?

(I edge my way around the counter, hoping this isn’t going to turn out to be weird.)

Me: Is there a particular item you’d like to–

Customer: Take off that hat.

(I do so out of sheer shock. Without further ado, the customer grabs a fistful of my hair.)

Customer: It’s REAL!

Me: (slightly horrified) It is! Please let go.

Customer: You’re so LUCKY! Mom, look, it’s real!

Customer’s Mother: Ooooh!

(She finally released me, but it was too late. Things had inevitably gotten weird.)

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