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I work in a drop off and pick up center on a military base. All the cleaning is done in our main facility and delivered everyday. My manager has to drive over 50 miles from the main facility to the base. So it would be understandable if he was late now and then. Most of customers are very understanding, unless you are a self-righteous entitled dick. Today he was 20 minutes late, and as always my customers were understanding. Except the self righteous entitled dick. He walked in at 4:10 and tosses his ticket on the counter.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, my delivery is running a little late. It should be here soon.”

Customer: “But it should have been ready by 4:00,” he argues jabbing the time stamp on the ticket with his finger.

Me: “I understand, sir, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Last I spoke to him he was at the gate. He should be here in ten minutes.”

Customer: “It doesn’t take ten minutes to get here from the gate. It takes at least 20.”

Me: “It always takes me ten minutes to get here from the gate.”

Customer: “Not unless you’re speeding.”

All I can do at this point is shake my head. I am a very safe driver, and always drive the speed limit, especially on a military base. He grudgingly leaves and my boss pulls in five minutes later. As I help my boss load the drop offs into the car, self righteous entitled dick comes back and I follow him in to process his order. The second I hang it on the pick up rail, he tears into it counting each piece (which is not a problem. I encourage my customers to check their orders before leaving.)

Customer: “Well, I guess I’m missing two.”

I check the ticket.

“There should be 13 items,” I say before I double check the count.

Customer: “What, you don’t believe me?”

I ignore him and keep counting.

Me: “13 items.”

So, he double checks while I watch him carefully.

He says nothing and pays.

Me: “Thank you, sir. Have a nice weekend.”

Still silent, he walks out.