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(I work in a contact center and during the holidays we hire seasonal people to help with our busiest days. I am on break and I notice a new hire needs help (all other floor walkers are busy and I’ve been here for two years). I walk over and attempt to help.)

New Hire: *raises hand*

Me: “I can help ya!”

New Hire: *blank stare*

Me: “Sooooo, whats up?”

New Hire: *tells me issue*

Me: *Gives solution and walks away.*

New Hire: *asks a floor walker as they walk by about THE SAME THING*

Floor Walker: “Do what (me) Told you to do. She knows her stuff”

New Hire looks at me a glares.

Floor walker winks at me and smiles ;)

No reason to be a turd when I’m trying to help.