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(I am having a truly terrible run of luck, including my partner dumping me, being tested for various illnesses and preliminarily diagnosed with an incurable condition, and my father ending up in hospital. My office mate pretty much knows about all of it. Although we’re friends, we’re both known for mocking each other constantly. I’ve just come back in after a call with my doctor.)

Office Mate: “All good?”

Me: “I have to see an… an… endocrinologist. What does that even mean?”

Office Mate: “You… don’t know why you’re going to see him?”

Me: “It’s something to do with hormones, I think. I guess I’m hormonal.”

(I flop down in my chair.)

Me: “You know how I said August was going to be my month? Yeah, I lied.”

Office Mate: *tentatively* “It’ll get better.”

Me: “Will it, though?”

Office Mate: “Well, I can’t guarantee it.”

Me: “[Office mate]!”

Office Mate: “What? You’d rather I said yes and then something else happened to you?”

Me: “…you’re not good at the sympathy thing, are you?”

Office Mate: “You’d just be weirded out if I was.”