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, | Unfiltered | April 1, 2018

A woman and her mother wanted me to take them from their home to a Macy’s. Minutes later, we passed an exit and she tells me not to turn right. I told her that I knew that and asked her not to give me directions unless I asked. Later, we took a right, and suddenly, she started yelling at me for no good reason. I tried to calm her down and even pointed out that she typed in the wrong address, but she insisted that I wasn’t listening to her. She kept yelling at me so much that she distracted me from arriving at said Macy’s. When I tried to loop around, she said I was being rude and blamed me for her errors. Finally, she and her mother got out of the car. All the while, she was trying to call Uber’s support line, clearly with no idea of how to reach the company.