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(My family is originally from Virginia, but my parents and a couple of my sisters moved to Florida a few years ago. My wife and I stayed in Virginia. It’s summer and we are visiting them. My wife and I were eating at the shrimp house for the first time. We are eating with the family the evening before we go home. My 14 year old niece brings a meal in from a neighboring restaurant because she is spoiled and never eats what the rest of the group eats.)

Waitress: (to my sister) Excuse me ma’am. Please don’t be mad at me but unfortunately you are not allowed to bring in meals from other restaurants. I don’t want to get in trouble with my manager and there is a sign stating this. (Points to sign clearly stating this rule.)

My sister: That is so ridiculous! She doesn’t eat meat and I told her she didn’t have to eat the food you all have here!

My brother-in-law: That is so stupid!

Waitress: I’m sorry. As I mentioned, the rule is posted and I don’t want to be in trouble. We do have vegetarian options! Feel free to check them out!

My sister: No! My daughter is a picky eater! The only reason we aren’t leaving is because my brother and his wife are not from around here and wanted to eat here! You’re not getting a tip from us!

Waitress: I’m sorry but that is the rule.

My mom: That’s stupid! Can I talk to a manager?

(The waitress proceeds to get a manager. My wife and I are clearly embarrassed by this. We are sitting there rolling our eyes while my sister and my parents continue to insult the manager. Thankfully the manager didn’t back down.)

My sister: She is just a little kid! She is a picky eater and I don’t think she should be forced to eat this food!

(Finally, my wife and I have heard more than enough and we chime in. The waitress is visibly upset)

Me: Guys! First of all, the rule is clearly posted. This is a restaurant! Not a cafeteria! She is 14 years old and going into high school. Therefore, she is not a little kid. She is more than old enough to eat what everybody else eats. She could have gotten some french fries or salad. If she couldn’t at least attempt to eat the food then that is a sign she needs to grow up or you could have eaten with her at the other restaurant. Quit acting like 5th graders.

(My family sighed at us the rest of the meal. We got our bills, which were separated. My family didn’t leave any tip. My wife and I left a $10 tip. After all my family left, I approached the waitress and manager.)

Me: Guys, I apologize for my family. Yes my niece is a very picky eater and she does not eat meat. I told them they could have gotten her a salad but she doesn’t eat vegetables either because my sister never made her eat what was fixed for supper. Instead, she always fixed her fries or a pizza..

Waitress: Don’t worry! I’ve dealt with worse customers than that. Your family is mild! We hope you enjoyed the beach here!

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