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| Unfiltered | March 31, 2018

Customer has received credit to do an EXCHANGE under warranty. Comes to the desk after talking to salesperson:

Customer: So tell me in the contract where I need to give you the old (broken) unit?
Us: Well that’s what an “exchange” is…
Customer: I was never told I would have to give back the old one. I was going to sell it privately!
Us: (…. So you’re getting a new one for free and making more money on the broken one)……. Okay fine, but we will need the manufacturer’s plate in order to do the EXCHANGE.
Customer: …… FINE.

Day of exchange:
Drivers: So we need the plate to do the exchange.
Customer: I don’t have it.
Drivers: Okay, then we can’t give you the new unit *turn to leave*
Customers: OKAY FINE I have it here…..