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(I am in the produce section right next to the fresh herbs. I do not work in produce, but rather I was returning some produce some customers decided they didn’t want. I have a good understanding of where everything is located though, and I can identify most herbs based on sight alone, having previously worked in a garden center. A customer comes up to me.)
Customer: Excuse me, I have a question about some spices.
Me: Yes?
Customer: I’m looking for a spice. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it starts with a Z. I think it’s Zilantro or something.
Me: Hm…
Customer: (Pointing to a sign above us with pictures and descriptions of different herbs.) It might be that one.
Me: … Cilantro?
Customer: Maybe.
Me: Well, this is cilantro right here.
Customer: Okay, this might be it, but I think it was a spice and it started with a z.
Me:… Let me go find a produce worker. They know more about these than I do.

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