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(I am in a large second hand shop that sells clothes, bric-a-brac and furniture. All the proceeds go to a charity, and they do not use plastic bags. I am waiting in line with my trolley full of items, and the canvas bags I brought from home. In the line ahead of me is a woman with a basket full of items.)

Cashier: Ok, thats everything.

Woman: Where my bag?

Cashier: We have canvas bags right here, would you like to purchase one? they’re 50 cents each.

Woman: um, no, I don’t have that much. I’ll take a plastic bag.

Cashier: I’m sorry, we don’t have plastic bags. You could take a free packing box to carry your items in, though.

Woman: *turns to me, maybe to get sympathy* Can you BELIEVE – hey, wait YOU have bags!

Me: Yes, I bought them here actually, last time. I find they come in useful.

Woman: Give me one!

Me: No, these are mine. You can buy your own.

Woman: I don’t want to buy one! You have heaps!

(I have three)

Me: Well thats unfortunate. You’ll have to pick either carrying your items, using a box or buying a bag.

(I work as a primary school teacher, so I’m used to explaining options calmly to whingers.)

Woman: I won’t! I’m having this one! You don’t need it!

(She grabs one of my bags and starts stuffing her items inside. The cashier and I look at each other, as she radios for a manager)

Woman: Ok! Here’s my card.

Manager: Hello, how can I help?

(I explain what has happened)

Manager: Well, I looks like you have a few options. You can buy a bag, take a box or go without. But you must give this woman’s bag back immediately. Its not yours.

Woman: This is ridiculous! You should have plastic!

Me: (Thinking this works with children, so might work now.) Thats ok, that was my worst bag and I hate it. I don’t want it anymore. You can have it.

Woman: Ugh, no, I don’t want it then! Just give me a new one.

Cashier, manager and me: sounds good!

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