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I recently bought a new custom computer to replace my 6+y/o not-so-state-of-the-art old PC. It was a local store, but I communicated with them through e-mail. As one question/answer popped a new one, we exchanged quite a few e-mails. Finally, I made my decision about the options, and he gave me a complete quote.
They were forecasting a heavy snowstorm, so I said that I would go by the store for official order and payment a day or two after the storm (because the store is on the opposite side of where I live. Btw, around to 30cm of snow fell down in 12 hours).
When I got there, the snow hasn’t been completely removed from the street, so there was this huge snow bank on the side of the street, and once parked, I had to walk around it to go to the store.
I go to the store, get the order completed. It’s a breeze, everything is fine. He told me the time to build the PC is around 2 to 4 days.
The very next morning, they called me back to tell me that it’s all ready.
I go pick it up, the snow bank is still there, but a path has been shoveled off to the store. I get the PC, get it in the car, drive home, plug it it, everything is simply perfect. I simply have nothing negative to say.

As a follow-up, (I’ve worked retail before and I’ve been in technical customer service for 25+ years), I sent the salesman an e-mail with only praises and satisfaction, but I added:
“The only complain I have, was the snow bank in front of your store. I mean, you should make it so that it doesn’t snow over those spots, or you should melt it down for customers. You should have done something about that weather. That’s unacceptable… Either that or I read too much¬†notalwaysright.com”