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(Sgt. [Name] reports he received a call from an irate woman. The woman was very very upset as she claimed nothing was being done to help her daughter out of a bad living situation. The woman went on a profanity filled rant calling [Sgt.] every name in the book (even the really bad ones).

When he was finally able to get a word in he asked her for the details…her daughter’s name, a case report number, date of the incident, etc. The woman gave him all of the information and nothing was coming up. This, of course made her even angrier.)

Sgt: “Ma’am, what is the address of the incident again?”

(She gives it. As a veteran officer with over 20 years on the force, he immediately knew the address did not match anything in Great Falls.)

Sgt: “Where do you live?”

Caller (with a disgusted tone): “Great Falls.”

Sgt: “What state?”

Caller (loudly and very slowly): “V i r g i n i a.”

Sgt (trying not to laugh): “Ma’am, you’ve reached the police department in Great Falls, MONTANA.”

Caller: *click*

(It is not uncommon for GFPD dispatch and patrol teams to field calls intended for police departments on the east coast, and they probably do the same for Montana calls.

The police department of Great Falls, MT recommends sticking to the correct jurisdiction, but just in case you ever need to call the police in Great Falls, Virginia, the number for the Fairfax County Police Department isĀ 703-246-2253.)