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| Unfiltered | March 29, 2018

Clearly stated on the menu is that our chain carries a sweet and not sweet flavor for the coffee if you don’t state you get the sweet flavor

Customer “medium vanilla hot black”
I make him his coffee and pass it out
Customer”this isn’t what I wanted why is it not black I wanted black vanilla coffee” in a loud irrational voice
Other staff “whats wrong sir”
Customer “this isn’t black there’s cream get me a new coffee without cream”
Me makes new coffee and passes it out while another staff tries to explain he did get exactly what he ordered and he needs to specify no sweetened vanilla if he wants it without the creaminess.
Customer leaves while making rude comments leaves other coffee on counter with the lid not tight as far out of reach as possible. The lid was also only loose on the side away so when I went to pick it up I got covered in 200+ degree coffee