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| Unfiltered | March 29, 2018

(Note: We’re a 4 star middle class hotel near a popular main attraction. Rooms usually go for $200, but today it’s a bit lower.)

Man: “How much for a room for 5 nights?”

Me: “$159 plus tax. That’s the rate.”

Man: “I’ll take it!”

(So I put in his info in the computer and calculate his total.)

Me: “So the total for all 3 nights is [Much higher amount].”

Man: “Whaaa? But you said it was for 159!?”

Me: “That’s per night. Without tax.”

Man: “…..”

(Luckily, he left without getting too mad. I know that I should’ve said per night but SERIOUSLY? After 12 years of working here, that’s a first!)