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| Unfiltered | March 29, 2018

I work in one of the largest hardware/DIY store chains in Australia. A customer is buying a plastic pot off me. It’s about twenty dollars, and after the transaction I send him on his way. About five minutes later, he comes back.
Customer: Excuse me, you overcharged me for this. It’s on sale, for $17. You charged me $20.
Me: Did I? [I check the pot, and there’s a sale ticket stuck to the bottom, saying it’s marked down to that price.] Oh you’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll change that for you now.
I start to return the item so I can resell it in one go and give him the $3 back.
Customer: So, it didn’t scan right?
Me: Oh, it –
Customer: Because if it doesn’t scan right, it’s free, right?
Me: Haha (I’ve heard this joke before, obviously) no, sorry, but I am giving you the $3 difference, and I’m so sorry about the mistake –
Customer: But at [supermarket chain], if it scans wrong, or they charge you wrong, it’s free. [To another customer] That’s [supermarket chain], they do it, right?
Customer #2: Yeah…yeah, they do.
The first customer looks at me expectantly.
Me: Do I look like [supermarket chain] to you?
Customer: But it scanned wrong –
I hand him the pot, his new receipt, and the $3 back.
Me: So sorry about the mixup, Sir, have a lovely day. Who’s next?