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(I enjoy messing with scammers that call me, if I have the time I try to keep them on the line and even have a app that records the call. My husband and I are going through some financial issues and have been trying to find a solution for what to do about our issue. The call I receive is a unknown number so I instantly know it’s going to be a scammer, I NEVER give them any of my actual information.)

Me: “Hello?”

Scammer: *this is a woman has a accent that sounds American* “Hello this is [Name] with debt relief services, I’m calling to let you know about our services you recently inquired about. Can I get your name?”

Me: “I’m [My fake name I give these scumbags].”

Scammer: “Okay [Fake Name], and how much is your total debt and is it shared with a spouse?”

Me: “$15,000 and I am married.”

Scammer: “Alright, let me get you to my manager.”

(While I’m on hold I quickly do research on ‘debt relief services’ on the better business bureau and find out that that company no longer exists and had a terrible rating to it.)

Scam Manager: *sounding very annoyed and done with everything* “Hello.”

Me: “Uh hello?”

Scam Manager: *suddenly perky and excited with an Indian accent* “Hello, am I speaking to Michelle?”

Me: “Yup, you are.”

(He starts speaking about the scam and I ask about their company. He gives me a totally different name and that company doesn’t even exist. When I ask about this he says they only refer people to law firms. I ask if I called one of these law firms if they could vouch for their existence, and conveniently they wouldn’t be able to. 10-15 minutes go by and he starts to ask for my DOB, SSN, and home address. I finally decide I’ve had enough.)

Me: “So you do realize I work for a credit card company in the fraud department?” *I mentioned this when he asked about my current employer*

Scam Manager: “Yes, why?”

Me: “I’ve heard just about every scam. Yours being one, how do you live with yourself?”

Scam Manager: “Excuse me? Ma’am, this isn’t a scam.”

Me: “You call me on a UNKNOWN number, you give me a different name from the other girl which either companies don’t exist and conveniently no one can vouch for your existence and you want all of my information for you to commit fraud. You’re a scamming piece of s***. How do you go to sleep at night?”

Scam Manager: “Ma’am, this isn’t a scam, we are trying to help and we need that information to help you. I think your debt is starting to get to effect your judgement.”

Me: “This call has been recorded and I’m going to share it with everyone I know. You should really go home and reflect on your life.”

(I didn’t receive another call from those scammers, but do continue to receive them from others.)


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