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I was ringing up a customer at my register, and I was very focused on what I was doing and didn’t hear my manager at his register saying my name. He had said my name three times already and I hadn’t heard him, so he finally yelled it at me.

Manager: (My name) do you have any tens!?

Me: Oh, my bad, yeah give me a second to finish this transaction and I’ll get them for you.

Customer: Wow. You shouldn’t talk to her that way just because she’s a woman! What, you think you’re better than her just because you’re a man!? Shame on you!

Me: No, it’s really okay. He was just yelling because I didn’t hear him.

Customer: That’s crap, you can’t just treat your employees that way because they’re females!

Manager: Lady, I’m not Donald Trump so don’t give me any of that crap.

Customer: Well she’s in the middle of a transaction!

Manager: So am I, and I need tens!

She stormed out and the customer behind her told my manager that he’s a wonderful person.

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