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, | Unfiltered | March 25, 2018

(A man came in to buy rolling tobacco and the cashier serving him went to the cupboard, got a pouch and scanned it)

Worker: That will be $34
Customer: That’s not right, it’s supposed to be $30, go check the price again

(The cashier reads out the name of the tobacco she got out and explains that what’s scanned is what the price is)

Customer: That’s not the one I wanted, you’re just trying to rip me off
Worker: Oh, I’ll get you the right one

(She gets the correct tobacco and scans it)

Worker: There, that’s $30
Customer: No, it scanned wrong before so it’s supposed to be free. You’re just trying to rip me off and steal my money, I’m supposed to get it for free!

(The worker, not sure how to deal with him calls all three managers in the store one after the other because they can’t calm him down until)

Manager: You know what sir, we’re sorry. She did it wrong and that’s our fault, just take it for free

(The customer then walked out with free rolling tobacco and the worker immediately wrote a note to the store manager to explain why the other manger gave away free stuff so willingly)

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