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| Unfiltered | March 25, 2018

(My dad is a very religious man. Now. But not really so much way back when.)

Me: “Dad, remember where I was 12, you gave me this book to read?”

Dad: “There were SO many times!”

Me: “About a 12 year old hooker?”

Dad: *shocked* “…Liar! I would never ever! Now stop spreading lies or the neighbors will believe them and you.”

Me: “But you did! Plus, you told me that if I wasn’t good, I’d wind up like that. But it was a good book. I wish I remember the title.”

Dad: “The neighbors will believe you! I was the perfect dad!”

(Looking back, I agree it is kind of strange that a dad would recommend a book about a hooker to his preteen daughter. But that was dad: strange.)

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