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It should be noted that my mom was born in the Philippines in the early 1960s and moved to the U.S. in her 30s while my dad has lived in the U.S. for all his life. Still, there are some things about American culture or history that my father or I would have to explain to her on occasion. Also important to note is that I have an odd sense of humor and the times for me to act as such usually occur around my parents. On this night, I am walking behind them as they are watching TV. Over the sounds of the TV, I overhear my mom asking my dad what a sock hop is. I stand off to the side and see my opportunity to act like a goof, though without trying to attract their attention too early.

Dad: …So the sock hop *he gets a crick in his neck and pauses to roll his head*

Me: *pouncing on the opportunity, I lift the sock I had just taken off* Yeah, don’t you know Mom? This is the sock hop. *I begin hopping on my sock-covered foot with one hand outstretched*

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