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(Because of our high school has 4 jazz bands, my jazz band (jazz 3) has to rehearse in a room called the ‘black box.’ This room is shared between the band, choir, and drama departments, so there are often props from the upcoming plays and musicals in the black box. Across the room, there is a barrel with a couple empty wine bottles on top of it. Our second trombone decides to grab one of them.)
2nd trombone: I’m gonna get me some wine!
1st trombone: No! [2nd trombone]! Don’t become an alcoholic so early in life!
(The second trombone sits back down, holding the empty bottle.)
1st alto: Dude! Share. It’s been a long day.
1st trombone: But it’s only zero-hour!
1st alto and 1st tenor at the same time: Exactly.
(Our teacher tries to count us off so that we start playing, but finally sees the wine bottle.)
Teacher: Yes! Pass it around.

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