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I work as a volunteer research assistant running psychology lab studying reaction and attention. Students can sign up to be participants for extra credit in certain courses or for a small amount of money. On the sign-up website, the studies students can sign up are listed by code names, but in reality, we choose two to three studies that needs more participants and run those all week. This means that we run the same study under multiple code names. There are also two types of studies: 30 minute study for one credit or five dollars, or 60 minute credit for two credits or 10 dollars.

We have just set up a student for a 60-minute study for two credits when she tells us that she’s already done that study before. The only other study we’re running at that time is a one-credit 30-minute study. We set her up in that one and message the lab coordinator to see whether we need to take away her two-credit and get her to sign up for the one-credit study so we can credit her correctly. The student finishes her study early (as is typical for most participants) and asks what will happen with her credit and we don’t have an answer for her yet. I promise to email her once I hear back from the coordinator.

A couple of hours later, the coordinator finally messages me back saying she can keep the two-credits since she had no way of knowing it was going to be the same study. I pull up the email app on my phone and let her know. A couple of hours later, she emails me back thanking me, and I finally notice that my entire message was in the subject line of the email… and the body of email only held my signature.

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