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(My friend & I are wandering through the department store where she works when we hear yelling. As we keep walking toward the entrance/exit where the yelling is coming from 2 plain clothed security guards come sprinting past. As we reach where the commotion is a woman is yelling at security and staff. She tries to wriggle free and ends up on the floor kicking at everyone. Apparently she known to the stores in the area for shoplifting. Curiosity got the better of us and my friend and I duck into the swimwear section to watch what happens)

Guard 1: “Damn it, settle down *woman*, turn around NOW”


Guard 2: “Like hell. Our cameras picked up you taking (pulls shirts from her bag) these shirts and a sales assistant saw you put that make-up in your bag”

Lady: “BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT!!! GET AWAY FROM ME! I have cancer, I have cancer GET OFF ME”

Store Manager: “Well, I’m sorry if that is true but you should know better. Now you’re not going anywhere *name* The police are on their way. You’re in deep crap this time *woman*”

(The lady became very quiet and started crying. That’s when we left. My friend told me that this woman had been caught at almost every shop in the area stealing stuff and had been pretty much banned from almost all of them. She did end up with some jail time)

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