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(In our store we have two levels: downstairs for food/drink, health and beauty and cleaning products, and pstairs for household items, clothes and greeting cards. Normally I only work downstairs so only know items are upstairs, but not directly where they are. I work as a personal shopper picker so I commonly get asked where items are.)

Customer: “Excuse me, could you please tell me where [Kitchen Appliance] is?”

Me: “Of course, they’re found upstairs.”

Customer: “Thank you.”

(Without asking any more questions on the matter she walks off around the corner and I go back to working. A few moments later I overhear my coworker giving directions:)

Coworker: “…of course, ma’am, they’re upstairs. I can show you where they are if want.”

Same Customer: “No thank you, I’ll be fine.”

(My coworker turns into the same aisle I’m in so I approach him to check if he was giving directions to what I thought he was.)

Me: “Were you just saying where to find [Kitchen Appliance]?”

Coworker: “Yes I was, why?”

Me: “She just asked me the same question and I told her the exact same thing.”

Coworker: “You must just have an untrusting face then.”

(We share a quick laugh and go back to work.)


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