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I was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder and panic disorder at nineteen, and have been on anti-anxiety medications since. Sometimes, they stop being as effective, or the side effects become worse, and I need to return to a doctor to change my prescription. This was never an issue before, as my dosage is low and I don’t require strong or addictive medication. However, after moving, I go to see a new doctor. The clinic as gotten all my medical records from my previous one, and I have filled out the forms, detailing my conditions.

The doctor is a general practitioner, and is male, middle-aged, and immediately seems to be only paying half-attention. I am a twenty-five year old female.

Doctor: Now why is someone like you on anxiety medication?

Me: *confused* Because I have an anxiety and panic disorder. I was diagnosed years ago, like it says in my file.

Doctor: Have you ever tried losing weight?

Me: …uh, yes. I’ve been on diets since I was five. I do eat healthy, and I walk a mile almost daily–

Doctor: And you’re not working.

Me: *having no idea what this has to do with anything* No, not yet, I just moved states with my family.

Doctor: So you plan on working? Or are you going to school?

I have absolutely no idea where this conversation is going, or why he’s suddenly asking about my life. In the back of my head, I’m hoping he’s trying to figure out what medication to put me on if I’m entering a more stressful situation.

Me: No, I’m not planning on going to college, and I’ve started looking for a job–

Doctor: *cutting me off in a grandfatherly, scolding tone* Now why aren’t you planning on going to college? There are lots of good colleges around here. *starts naming off colleges*

At this point, I am getting increasingly embarrassed and flustered. I attended one year of community college, but my health had taken such a terrible turn from the constant stress and panic attacks I nearly ended up in the hospital. Needless to say, I didn’t continue.

Me: I’m…not really interested in going back to college, sir. Can we get back to my–

Doctor: *dismissively* Now, now, I’ve got a granddaughter your age, I know what I’m talking about. You don’t need more pills. What you need is to get your degree, lose weight, and find a good man to marry. You’re anxious because your life isn’t heading anywhere! I’ll put you on [medication name] for now, but when you come back, I expect you to be enrolled somewhere, you hear? *winking at me* Doctor’s orders.

At that point, I was so bewildered and humiliated I just wanted to get out of the office. I took my prescription and never returned to his office again. I’ve had doctors be unprofessional before, but I’ve never had one lecture me on how going to college would magically cure my mental illness!

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