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, | Unfiltered | March 16, 2018

When I have sinus issues, I may instinctively make what I refer to as “allergy noises” – a friend of mine has compared them to a mourning dove clucking. I am in class working on an assignment when the classmate next to me turns and scowls.

Classmate: “Stop making that noise!”
Me: “What noi–oh. Sorry. I’ll try not too.”

I go back to my work, but because the noise just occurs naturally, I start up again in a few minutes.

Classmate: “KHUH! A-HKKH! NNKGH! HNKFH!”
Me: “Cut it out!”
Classmate: *bitter* “YOU’RE doing it TOO!”
Me: *snapping back* “YOU’RE doing it on PURPOSE!”

He scowled at me, but he did stop. I understand that the noise can be annoying, but making noises loud enough to distract the class isn’t the right reaction to someone who’s only (and unintentionally) bothering you.