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(I work in a hospital in a mid-sized city as a CNA. We like to refer to our dietary service as “Room Service” for some reason)
the patient hits the call light
Patient: I need to talk to you about my diet room service won’t let me order hardly anything on the menu
I call down to room service and apparently she has eggs listed on her allergies in her chart so naturally they won’t allow her to order anything with eggs in them, which is kind of a problem at breakfast time. I head back into the room
Me: So it seems that our dietary department has eggs listed as one your allergies
Patient: *deep sigh, No I’m not allergic to eggs I’m allergic to egg YOLKS
Me with a look of confusion on my face: Um, I’ve never heard of that so what happens when you eat egg yolks
Patient: they make me gag, but I can eat scrambled eggs no problem as long as their mixed in they don’t bother me.
Me: I don’t think that’s an allergy I think you just don’t like runny yolks
(It took me a full 4 hours of bugging the nurse and the doctor to change this woman’s diet because this woman in her sixties doesn’t know the difference between allergies and foods she doesn’t like)

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