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I had problems with my thyroid in my early twenties but before it was diagnosed, my doctor prescribed antidepressants. For him, it was not possible that I was depressed because I was tired all the time and he insisted it was the other way around! I was sleeping 10-12 hours straight because I wanted to avoid reality not because I was really tired!

When I started to grow facial hair and had my period only a few times a year he told me I must have ovarian cysts and this meant I was probably never going to get pregnant even though nothing was found with an ultrasound! He told me that they were probably too small to see to be seen. My thyroid test results were barely within the “normal” range but he considered them normal. I should have gone to another doctor for a second opinion but I did not have the energy for that! I also had at the time a really toxic relashionship with my mother that was starting to take its toll on my mental health, but that is another story! My husband had left me six months prior to that because of my health problems (including a miscarriage at 19). I felt my life was going nowhere and I was tired of the side effects of my medicationl so I stopped taking everything!

Another six months later, I had been feeling sick and really nauseated for a few weeks so I went to the clinic. Guess who was the doctor there that day? The same doctor who prescribed pills I did not need and who told me I was sterile! He was shocked when he realised that I was pregnant and even more after examining me. I had not gained an ounce and did not look pregnant but I was already five months along! He remembered the antidepressants that He had prescribed me and mentionned that it was bad for the baby. I angrily replied that it’s bad taking them when you don’t need them and that I stopped taking them six months earlier! He handed me the papers for an ultrasound and told me to book an appointment with his secretary. I went to another doctor instead.

I never took antidepressants again and it has been twenty years now!

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