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I’m in a coffee shop, behind a woman and her daughter. She gives her order without incident, enunciating her name clearly at least twice, but the barista still can’t hear it right, so he gives the “I can’t hear that” code of “Will you spell that for me?” The lady does so, and spells her name clearly, which is Karen. The barista still doesn’t seem to get it, but assures her the drinks will be right out.

Karen and her daughter walk over to a table, happily chatting. They’re the only two women in this entire store, there aren’t even any women working at the time.

Barista: Carlotta! *then, in screeching cat mode* Caaaarrrrrrloottttaaa-aaa! We have your first coffee-eeee!
Karen: *looks around the shop full of men, and shrugs* Hmm. Wonder who that is.
Daughter: Uhm… the barista’s looking right at us, mom.
Barista: Carlottaaaa-aaa! Your second <complicated drink> latte! Carlotta! *looks directly at Karen again*
Karen: *walks up*
Barista: Yep, here’s your drinks, ma’am.
Karen: *takes the cups* That’s a weird fuckin’ way to say Karen, man, but thanks.

On their way out…

Daughter: So, how many have been added to the list this week?
Karen: Too many. Between that, and various receptionists, at least five!

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