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| Unfiltered | March 14, 2018

My father told me this story. It happened many years ago, when he was courting my mother. One evening they took a train to next city and went to see “Lemonade Joe”, Czech theatrical play, extremely funny comedy/parody of western. It was a hoot, with actors running among the audience and shooting tons of blank ammo.
One of the characters was “Doctor Kennedy, not really a nice person. My parents actually did not see the end of the play, as they had the last train home to catch, so they got up and went to pick their coats. Coat lady greeted them very eagerly.
Coat lady: “Kennedy just got shot!”
Father: “Haha, thank you, cool!”
It was not before they got home and turned the radio on, that they figured out, what she meant. Yes, it was November 22nd, 1963, and the news about the assassination of 35th president of USA just reached out small country. Father told me, that he felt terrible, but he never got a chance to apologize to that poor lady for his seemingly callous and crazy remark.

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