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, | Unfiltered | March 13, 2018

Because of financial difficulties my husband and I have started to coupon. I’m still new but I’ve started to figure out on most of my purchases how to buy stuff and get the total cut my 75% a popular store for stuff is a drug store that is next to a hospital. I come late at night to avoid holding the line up with all my coupons and multiple transactions.
But this night a woman comes up behind me on my first transaction she looks sick and still has her wrist band from the hospital on, she has 5 items and I have 2 more transactions I decide to let her go first.
When she is finished being rung up she has the check EVERY PRICE, meaning she has them run and find the item and check the price. Only 1 rung up wrong, this took 10 minutes.
Than the total comes up, she decides to take a couple of items off. Meaning manager approval was needed to go back. Adding 5 extra minutes.
Finally she decides to pay, she does so with cash. She takes her dear sweet time counting out the cash (When I say sweet time I mean 5 minutes) she has exact cash available. But a penny she had was “new and shinny” and she didn’t want to let it go. So she ends up putting that away and giving as 20$ bill instead.
By this time I am internally screaming it has been almost 30 minutes for 5 items and she doesn’t seem to be getting the idea.

Finally, she leaves. I go to check out and the cashier says “bet that’s the last time you’ll let someone go ahead of you”
I laughed and said “yup.”

My transactions toke 10 minutes, even with all my coupons. I was so frustrated.