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(The vacuum cord at our bookstore only reaches halfway across the floor so I have appropriated a giant bright green extension cord from the supply closet. The extension cord has gotten kicked around a bit and is sticking out from behind my desk area. I hear a noise and turn around to find a very, very small child trying to pick up the extension cord, which is about the same size as he is. I’m sure he won’t be able to actually move it but I’m slightly concerned he’ll get dirt all over his clothes so I turn to him and say:)

Me: *cheerfully* “I don’t think that extension cord looks very fun to play with, dude,”

(His mother turns around, stifles a laugh, and says:)

Mother: “He thinks it must belong to him because it’s the same color as his shirt.”

(He gave up and toddled off a few seconds later. Most adorable supply thief ever.)

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