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(The store is having a huge clearance sale, an additional 30% off the lowest marked price, marked by a bright orange sticker. Because the store does not usually have an additional percentage off, 30% sales are a big deal and naturally the clearance corners can get quite messy. A coworker and myself are in the women’s area cleaning up a bit in the middle of a busy Sunday afternoon. I’m deep in the corner, behind a rack, and my coworker is near the main isle. A customer walks in past my coworker, closer to me but doesn’t see me.)

Customer: “Aw h*** no! This place is a mess; I don’t want to touch a thing!” *walks over to my coworker* “Excuse me miss… umm I have a question… well… umm… never mind.”

Coworker: “Are you sure I can’t help you? I can try and answer any question you might have or find someone who has the answer.”

Customer: “Well… umm… I was just wondering if I had to browse through the racks here.”

Coworker: “Well if you were looking for something in particular I might be able to track it down for you? What were you looking for?”

Customer: “Nothing in particular.”

Coworker: “…so you want me to shop for you?”

Me: *appears from behind rack after hearing the entire thing* “This rack here is everything we have under $5, under $10 is here, and everything else over there, with the additional 30% nothing is over $25. And if you will excuse us we are needed at the registers.”

(My coworker and I hurry out of there before she could come up with a counter argument.)

Coworker to Me: “Thank you so much! We really don’t have the time nor the people for one of us to do all of her shopping, especially when she doesn’t even know what she wants!”

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