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| Unfiltered | March 11, 2018

While cleaning a route for climbing, some rocks came loose and hit my foot. I was a few hours from the nearest town, and about 6 from the nearest hospital. Because the pain in managable, I just lace my boots up and get a ride to the hospital a few days later. I will admit to looking more than a little scruffy at this point, and bathing hasn’t exactly been a common occurrence over the past few months due to lack of facilities.

Nurse: Why are you here today?

Me: I think I broke my foot.

Nurse: Why do you think that?

Me: Around 45 pounds of rocks fell on it a few days back, and I can move one of the bones around.

Nurse: *rolls her eyes* Are you sure that’s not just a joint? If you broke something a few days ago, you would have come in a few days ago.

Me: Well, it wasn’t really an option because I was two hours outside of (small, rural town) and had to wait to get a ride to here. Plus, it’s really swollen and I don’t think the arch of my foot has a joint in it.

Nurse: If you want pain meds, just admit it. I’m not wasting time on a room for you if you’re just looking for pills.

Me: I haven’t asked for any medications at all, and I just want an x-ray of my foot.

Nurse: No. You clearly want drugs. I’m not wasting time on you anymore. Just leave. Try the methadone clinic across the street.

Me: No. I am not leaving until someone actually examines my foot!

Nurse: *rolls eyes agains and motions to the security guard* Listen, if you won’t leave, we’ll have to escort you out.

Me: Just have someone actually look at my foot! I don’t want pills, I don’t want a room, just have an actual doctor look at my damn foot!

The security guard looks at me and the nurse.

Nurse: Get her out of here, she’s a junkie.

Guard: *looking confused* Has she asked for pills? Or been violent to you? Because I haven’t seen her threaten you, [Nurse]. I don’t see why she needs to leave before seeing a doctor.

Nurse: *yells like an angsty teen movie and stomps away*

The nurse returns a few minutes later, dragging a doctor by the sleeve.

Nurse: See? This is the hobo. She claims she broke her foot days ago and just now came in for it. She’s clearly looking for drugs or a place to sleep.

Doctor: Have you actually looked at her foot yet, [Nurse]?

Nurse: No! She’s gross and clearly faking it! She doesn’t need treatment, she needs a f****** job!

Doctor: Let me see your foot, ma’am.

I take off my boot and sock. Apparently one of the bones has moved around and it’s now visibly poking up.

Doctor: [Nurse], get out of here. Her foot is clearly broken. Go find something else to do, instead of your asinine crusade against people who you don’t like.

I get my foot x-rayed and get a boot for it. I broke it in five places and the doctor said I was lucky to not have caused permanent damage by not getting it set right away. The nurse had to send me an apology letter for her behavior, and I learned to shower and look nicer before going to a hospital!

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