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(I am Polish, of origin. I come from a really poor family in Northern Poland. The city where I was born is now “Slupsk”. In this story I have encountered the drug addict everyone has seen asking for money for drugs in a parking lot in an afluent neighbourhood, although I do not live their the local grocery store is their.)

Obvious Drug-Addict: I lost my credit card at home and I need groceries
(I do not like this story at all, as I was born really poor but came to America to get a job, and some American who was spoiled as a child is asking me for money for drugs )

Me: *hands her a penny* (In Polish) “Mówisz, że potrzebujesz moich ciężko zarobionych pieniędzy, których nigdy nie miałam jako dziecko, abyś mógł kupić jedzenie, gdy naprawdę chcesz, żebyś potrzebował pieniędzy na narkotyki.” (Which means: You say you need my hard earned money that I never had as a child, so that you can buy food when you really mean you need money for drugs.)
Her: *sitting there confused*
Me: *I then proceed to open my wallet and pull out a buisness card for a local drug rehab but photoshopped, something I have wanted to do to these people for so long)
The card reads as follows:
Dr. (my name)
(Then in subtext)
“F*ck You, you spoiled b*tch, go get some help instead of siiting here conning people into buying you illegal drugs” I then say: Pierdol się, zepsute suko, idź po pomoc, zamiast siarkować ludzi i kupować ci nielegalne narkotyki (This reads the same as the cards subtext)
*I then roll the window back up and drive away*

(She is dumbfounded)

(I have never seen her their again)