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We are a non-profit business and have a new volunteer for various tasks, this is her fourth day. We are at the office next to the dock where we have a yacht.

Me: Can you take these files to [co-worker]? *points to the yacht* He’s on the bridge.
Volunteer: OK, sure.

20 minutes later, my co-worker comes in.
Co-worker: I need some files.
Me: Wait, I sent the volunteer to take them to you.

He gets on the phone.
Co-worker: Hey volunteer, where are you with the files?
Volunteer: I was told to take them to the bridge. I’m getting there soon.
Co-worker: Okay, when you get there just leave them, I’ll be right back.

Me: I told her 15 minutes ago. Why is she taking that long?
Co-worker: Who knows.

My cell phone rings two minutes later.
Co-worker: I’m on the yacht and the volunteer hasn’t been by.
Me: This isn’t making sense.

I call the volunteer back.
Me: Where exactly are you?
Volunteer: I’m getting there now.
Me: Where?
Volunteer: [name of nearby large suspension bridge]
Me: What??!! I meant the bridge on the yacht.
Volunteer: Bridge? On the yacht?
Me: … just come back to the office.

I can understand not everyone knows what the bridge on a vessel is, but why would anyone assume to completely leave the location and go to a bridge 20 minutes away by car, especially when pointing at the yacht,..

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