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| Unfiltered | March 9, 2018

I’ve been a blood donor most of my adult life. Donating blood hurts a little bit, but that’s not what bothers me about donating. My problem is that anywhere I donate, there are always extraneous, unnecessary irritations.

Mostly, they play music — usually too loud, and always music I don’t care for. Often the music is raucous, just when I’d prefer to relax. One time I had to keep saying “I can’t hear you over the music.” to the phlebotomist who was asking me my identity, etc. Another time I had to insist they turn OFF the audio on a movie they were playing for “my” entertainment because they really screwed up that time and the pain was significant and the shoot-’em-up movie was one irritation too many. I’ve quit going to one collection center entirely because of this sort of thing.

I’ve quit donating in “bloodmobiles” (preferring drives in which they truck in the beds, etc.) principally because they ALWAYS reek of disinfectant. Now, I’m pleased that they clean the things, but do they have to leave them reeking? The last straw, though, was when I was donating in a bloodmobile, and one of the phlebotomists was a guy who must have stood 6’4″ and was obese. He couldn’t fit down the aisle without bumping my arm, the blood bag, etc. — he was just too big for a bloodmobile.

Then, too, is the problem that they don’t have enough blood drives in my area. I used to go to a Red Cross blood donation center, but I no longer am near that — it, and one other, are too far away now. The Red Cross is constantly dunning me to donate, but not providing enough blood drives for me TO donate at. Frustrating.

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